Indulge yourself in our authentic Kyoto Cuisine at SAKAMOTO.
A cozy restaurant overlooking the Shirakawa River,
Sakamoto is situated in the heart of Gion – Kyoto’s most well-known geisha district.
Ryuta, our English speaking chef, will personally lead you through the experience.

History of SAKAMOTO

- SAKAMOTO was founded in 1977 by Keisuke Sakamoto.
Keisuke’s training to become chef started at the age of 17
when he began to work for numerous restaurants in the Kansai district.
Following his longest training experience at Yuranosuke in Gion, Kyoto,
he married Yoshiko, the daughter of the owner chef, and together opened their own restaurant SAKAMOTO.
- In the year 2002, their son and present chef, Ryuta, joined SAKAMOTO.
- SAKAMOTO was awarded One Michelin Star (2010-2020)

Chef Ryuta Sakamoto

- Ryuta was born on April 17, 1973,
the precise day that his father and founder of SAKAMOTO
made an appearance as guest chef on a television cooking show,
later destining his future career as chef.

He spent his youth being actively involved in rugby from the age of 7,
throughout his university years at Doshisha,
and later in London during his one year enrolment at the University of London.

After graduation from university,
Ryuta entered Itochu, a major Japanese trading house,
and worked in the department of fisheries.

He started his cooking career at SAKAMOTO in 2002.
In 2005-2008, Ryuta acts as executive chef and trains the opening staff at Medicine,
a Zen shojin restaurant in San Francisco.

Ryuta’s passion for cooking began at a very early age,
often sitting on the countertop, overlooking his father’s miraculous works.
Ryuta, as a second generation chef,
preserves Sakamoto’s traditional taste while constantly exploring and experimenting with new styles.

Opening Hours

- Lunch 12:00 – 14:00
(LO 13:00/by reservation only)
- Dinner 17:00 – 22:00
(LO 20:00/reservations recommended)

Kyoto traditional cuisine
Kappo Sakamoto

79 Sueyoshicho, Gion,
Higashiyama-ku Kyoto 605-0085

TEL: +81-75-551-2136